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There Isn’t A Better Way To Do Laundry


The best way to do laundry is by using the laundry bag: The Caddy Concepts laundry hamper. After decades of inconvenience, in 2008, Caddy Concepts came up with an easy way to do laundry. In the 1970s, people used the “granny cart.” Essentially, it was a cage with wheels. It was easy for laundry to fall out. During the 80s, the laundry basket was used to carry clothes and break backs. It was extremely hard on the spine and caused back injuries. In the 1990s, an even worse trend came about, the laundry bag. It was just a bag with clothes in it. It was very heavy however, and using this method may actually have been more painful than the laundry basket.

               Finally in the 21st century, the way to do laundry advanced. The Caddy Concepts hamper came out and it became the easiest way to do laundry. Fill it, zip it, and roll it to your destination. Simple and efficient. Follow us on Twitter at @CaddyConcepts, like us on Facebook, and check out our website to order a caddy.

Caddy Concepts is the Way to Go!

If doing laundry is a big issue for you like it is for most people, Caddy Concepts would definitely be the right decision for you. Caddy Concepts was established in 2009. The main purpose for such a smart innovation was to make doing laundry much easier. Caddy Concepts is a company that sells the best laundry bags on the on the market. There are many different models and colors depending on what you need and what you like. Caddy Concepts Portable Laundry Hampers are very durable and convenient. They are compact and can fit many clothes. All you have to do is fill the bag, zip it, and roll it the laundry room. Additionally, it is very cheap and your money spent will be worth it. Go ahead and buy Caddy Concepts as soon as possible. Trust me, you aren’t going wrong!

Doing Laundry is Fun!

Has anyone ever been excited right before they do their laundry? Probably not… However, this can change! With Caddy Concepts, everyone’s lives become easier. Caddy Concepts is a portable laundry cart that makes doing laundry so much easier! It is so durable and convenient that everyone should go out and buy one right now! All you have to do is fill it with your clothes, zip and roll it right down to the laundry room. Although it can be used for anyone, it is especially convenient in people who live in apartments buildings as well as college students who live in dorm rooms. If you’re a student and you order on the website, you get a five dollar discount right off the bat! It is definitely worth it!

Doing Laundry Makes Me Smile

Have you ever heard anyone say that doing laundry makes you smile? Probably not because laundry is usually one of the most annoying chores for most people. With Caddy Concepts, that will all change. Caddy Concepts is a portable laundry bin that makes doing laundry so much easier. It is a portable and durable hamper with wheels. All you have to do is fill it up with your clothes, zip it, and roll it to your laundry room. The hamper also has extra sleeves and pockets so you can store extra items and has a larger main compartment for carrying more clothing or even traveling. Go with Caddy Concepts and you will be able to say that doing laundry makes you smile!

I Love College

College is a time for memories, learning, fun. However, it is also a time for growing and becoming an independent person. This isn’t the easiest thing to do for many people. That’s why Caddy Concepts is the way to go. Caddy Concepts can make every college student’s lives easier. If you’re a student go to the website right now and order yours! All students get a $5 dollar discount. Caddy Concepts has made the lives of so many college students better and will continue to do so for many years to come. All you have to do is fill the laundry basket and zip it to the laundry room. After a night of partying, doing laundry the next morning won’t be bad. It’s that simple! Do the smart thing and order yours right now!

New Video of Laundry Hamper

Everyone should check out the new video on the Caddy Concepts website! The video makes it so evident that Caddy Concept’s Portable Laundry Hampers make doing laundry so much easier.

            First of all if you’re a college student, you automatically get a five dollar discount if you order off the website right now. This will make your life so much easier as a college student. All you have to do is fill, zip, and roll the laundry hamper right to the laundry room. Go on our website and watch the youtube video right now. Oh, and don’t forget to order one!

Best Portable Laundry Hamper

Caddy Concepts is the best Portable Laundry Bin! It has made my College life so much easier! I’m a type of person who hates doing household chores, especially laundry! My parents would always tell me I wouldn’t be able to manage in College. But thanks to Caddy Concepts I can most definitely manage! Caddy Concepts portable laundry hamper is so convenient. All you do is fill up the bag with your clothes, zip it up, and roll it to the laundry room. There are no worries about the bag ripping or anything because it is so durable as well. For all you college students out there, Caddy Concepts will make your life in College a lot better!

Laundry Hamper used in School Fashion Show!

This past weekend there was a fashion show at my high school. The show consisted of many different cool dance skits and model walks. Every cast member had to wear a different outfit for each skit. Since there were 20 skits in the show and everyone participated in at least 5, there were many outfits that were needed to be carried by each person. Thanks to Caddy Concepts, everyone had an easy time carrying and keeping track of their outfits. With Caddy concepts laundry baskets all you have to do is fill,zip, and roll your laundry right down to the laundry room. The fashion show cast members filled the laundry baskets with their outfits so it was easy to carry and keep them organized. I truly recommend this product because it helped substantially and is a very durable and convenient product.

College is Easy

Caddy Concepts makes a college student’s life much easier. By taking care of your chores, your dorm, and your basic cleaning needs, our laundry cart makes it easier for you to get back to enjoying the college experience

First off, if you enter the coupon code: STUDENT when you order one of our caddies online, you will save $5. Secondly, the lightweight and water resistant design of our caddies is perfect for the chaotic, fast pace of college life. After a night of partying and finding yourself in a messy dorm, the last thing you want to do is clean up the mess. Fortunately, Caddy Concepts makes cleaning up simple! Just fill, zip, and roll your dirty laundry and stained clothes to the washer/dryer, instead of wasting time and straining your back by carrying a heavy plastic basket full of clothes. If you’re a college student, getting a caddy from Caddy Concepts is a no-brainer.

Moving To College

            Around this time of year, many college students are starting their semesters. Whether you’re a freshman moving in for the first time or a veteran senior, Caddy Concepts can help you make the transition and duration of college easier.

            With a $5 discount, our laundry baskets are made more affordable for college students. After getting your caddy, you can use it to create less stressful college atmosphere. Clean up a messy dorm in no time by putting away strewn around items into one of our caddies. Then fit it stylishly and portably into the décor of your room. Finish laundry quickly by filling, zipping, and rolling your caddy to the washer/dryer. Visit our website to learn more about the advantages of using a Caddy Concepts caddy.

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